Custom Floral Lettering Embroidered Crewneck



I am so excited to start offering custom crews!!!

In the comments/notes section at checkout please let me know what color crewneck, size, and thread you would like.  I also need to know your custom word/words.  Try to limit it to four words or less (it might be okay if it is more words, as long as the words are shorter!)

Pay attention to the sweatshirt options, these are the only crewneck colors I can do right now!  For thread we are almost unlimited!  Make sure to use descriptors, ex. dark green, light yellow, dark purple.  For the floral designs there are six thread colors, but some of them stay the same (the green for the leaves, yellow for the center of the flowers).  Let me know 2-3 colors and all of the flowers will be in these colors!

MAKE SURE THE EMAIL YOU USE IS RIGHT!  I have to be able to reach out to you!